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Spiced Apple Fruit Tea


spiced apple / fruit infusion

Big flavours burst through in our all natural fruit

infusion, with autumnal aromas of cinnamon and 

star anise combined with healthy hibiscus. 


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       Spiced Apple Fruit Infusion  Loose Leaf Tea  3 - 7 mins 100°C

     + Contributes to your daily vitamin C

     + Healthy alternative to a sugary drink

     + Can encourage a healthy immune system

     + Caffeine free - great evening tea

     + Can provide cleansing properties 

Ingredients: Apple (60%), hibiscus, cinnamon, almonds, rose hip, elderberries, raisins, star anise, natural flavouring. Contains nuts. 

Perfect brew: 1- 2 heaped teaspoons per cup

Best enjoyed: simply on its own with a sprinkle of sugar. Great infused into alcohol.

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