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Tea Lab grew from our combined passions of tea, travel, the environment and design. We are a bio-lab inspired, independent, British brand.
We explore the scientific, plant based benefits and how they can be balanced to create nutrient rich, healthy tea blends with great taste experiences. We carefully source single origin, loose leaf teas and create blends with all natural and organic ingredients. We encourage you to experiment with our teas to suit your taste or mood, so that you can easily incorporate them into your daily lifestyle. Our teas are so versatile they can be also used as natural botanicals to infuse flavour into a wide range of recipes.
Sustainability is integral to the Tea Lab brand, so our packaging has been carefully designed with this in mind. Our teas are stored in amber glass jars which protect the teas from UV light and are refillable.

Tea Lab was founded by identical twin designers, Anna, Katie and Julie, an experienced biologist/scientist. We shared a fun and adventurous upbringing on the islands of Hawaii and Barbados. These cultural experiences made us open to new flavours, ideas and experimentation and gave us the inspiration for the names of many of our teas.