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We love working with like-minded people and businesses who share our passion for high quality tea & align with our values. Tea Lab provides loose leaf teas to restaurants, cafes, chefs, hotels & select retail stores. If you are interested in becoming a Tea Lab partner please fill out the contact form below. If you have any questions at all you can also email us directly at 

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Support + Training

Tea Lab offers loose leaf tea training to give your staff knowledge and skills to ensure you give your customers a consistent and high quality tea experience. 

Menu Pairing

Discuss your menu with us and we can suggest teas to pair perfectly. 

Seasonal Variety 

We offer seasonal teas and Limited Edition blends for the autumn and winter months. 


We can provide recipes for our clients in hospitality from tea infused baking to tea cocktails and syrups.

Organics + Sustainability 

We are organically certified with the Organic Food Federation and provide a wide selection of fully organic teas and botanicals.

Bespoke Blends

We can create bespoke blends for you to give your business or event that unique edge. To learn more about our custom blends and packaging see here.


Luxury apartment living.

“When we started at Vox we had health, wellbeing and sustainability at the forefront of our minds. We wanted to ensure we onboarded the right brands for Vox. This is where we found the ethos of Tea lab to fit perfectly not just visually but also sustainably. Knowing that Tea Lab was a family run business made it all the more easier to support. The thought that goes into each an every tea we supply for our residents is phenomenal and this is why we will continue to work together."

- Indea Garlick​, Assistant General Manager
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