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Wholesale & Trade Tea.

We love working with like-minded people and businesses who share our passion for high quality tea and align with our values. Tea Lab provides loose leaf teas to restaurants, cafes, chefs, hotels & select retail stores. We also supply loose leaf tea in branded eco paper tea bags. All of our teas are freshly packed to order. 

Our teas are ethically sourced, our packaging is sustainable and our teas are hand packed and blended at our production unit in Aspley Guise, Buckinghamshire.

Wholesale Loose Leaf Tea / Tea Bag Supplier UK | Sustainble Tea For Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels
Wholesale Loose Leaf Tea Supplier UK |

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Support + Training

Tea Lab offers loose leaf tea training to give your staff knowledge and skills to ensure you give your customers a consistent and high quality tea experience. 

Recipes + Menu Pairing

We can provide recipes for our clients in hospitality from tea infused baking to tea cocktails and syrups. Discuss your menu with us and we can suggest teas to pair perfectly. 

Organics + Sustainability 

Tea Lab is organically certified with the Organic Food Federation and provides a wide selection of fully organic teas and botanicals. Our storage jars are made from amber glass and protect the teas from UV light. 

Bespoke + Seasonal Blends 

We can create bespoke blends for you to give your business or event that unique edge. To learn more about our custom blends and packaging see here. We also offer seasonal and Limited Edition blends for any time of the year. 

Wholesale Loose Leaf Tea Supplier UK | Trade Account
Vita Student Lewisham - Tea Lab
Vita Student Lewisham - Tea Lab
Vita Student Glasgow Beith Street

Vita Student

"Tea Lab are brilliant to work with, together we've partnered on numerous experiential events for our customers. The team are professional and creative, always ready to come up with new ideas. Their products are premium and beautifully packaged."

- Vita Student, luxury student accommodation.

Magazine Heaven

“Tea lab teas are the most fragrant authentic teas out there. You can taste and smell all the flavours and they just make you feel good drinking them.“

- Magazine Heaven, magazine store and artisan cafe.
Magazine Heaven - Northamptonshire - Rushden Lakes


Tea Lab HQ

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