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We supply boutique hotels, restaurants, luxury living and artisan cafes. Interested in becoming a Tea Lab partner?

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Koyo - Wellness Richmond London


Richmond, London.
Redefining Health and Wellness

Picton & Co - Tea Lab Stockist.jpg__PID:69200502-56ec-4405-9fc4-24e60b9c272a
Picton  - Cardiff Tea Lab Stockist.jpg__PID:577cd543-c32d-4c12-8e8f-cbaa4b0820dc
PictonandCo Tea Lab Stockist
Picton & Co - Tea Lab

Picton & Co

Cardiff, Wales.
Deli, Bar and Cookery

Birch Coffee shop - Tea Lab2.jpeg__PID:eee7f318-bcfa-4501-94c2-dc625ecb9cb3
Birch Coffee shop - Tea Lab3.jpg__PID:40ca4c57-250e-4c33-8e98-eee7f318bcfa


Isle of Skye and Inverness, Scotland.
Coffee Shop

Spoiledlife - Tea Lab.jpeg__PID:b60dd165-2320-4e20-9bb5-05f737e7c3d8
Spoiled Life Interior - Tea Lab Stockist2.jpg__PID:9e6b4f08-8d5b-4575-8ed6-f4c9ba151ee8
Spoiled Life Interior - Tea Lab Stockist.jpg__PID:e831cbe0-ce72-456d-9e63-e2fbeb4f5269

Spoiled Life

St. Andrews, Scotland
Home Store & Coffee Shop

Park Side - Tea Lab2.jpg__PID:ef1b4adc-2e5a-49bc-8231-54a1a4877f0b
Park Side Exterior - Tea Lab .jpg__PID:326fd861-fb4f-454e-98e6-bd87d0be7ad8
Park Side - Tea Lab.jpg__PID:8d45ef1b-4adc-4e5a-99bc-423154a1a487

Park Side

Cardiff, Wales.
Coffee Shop

Union MCR.jpg__PID:5ee89ea6-e82c-4efa-b784-bd9394c485a2
Union Manchester - Tea Lab Stockist
Union - MCR Tea Lab Stockist


Luxury Co-living

Y Seler Hotel Interior - Tea Lab Stockist .jpg__PID:d0a84536-87e4-4ef3-ab18-d6e90fc32dd7
Y Seler - Tea Lab Partner.jpg__PID:2320de20-dbb5-45f7-b7e7-c3d8bdaa4c67

Y Seler

Aberaeron, Wales.
Hotel and Restaurant

Toast St Albans-Tea Lab Stockist
Toast - st albans.jpg__PID:e5675ee8-9ea6-482c-8efa-7784bd9394c4


St Albans, Hertfordshire.
Brunch Restaurant

Hub & Spoke - Tea Lab Stockist
Hub & Spoke - Tea Lab Stockist

Hub and Spoke

Oakham, Leicestershire.
Coffee Shop & Co-Working

Blockley Cafe - Tea Lab amber glass tea jars.jpg__PID:5be20777-a9ae-4fe9-b8ab-1f8768748a18
Blockley Cafe - Exterior.jpg__PID:0777a9ae-1fe9-48ab-9f87-68748a18f5c0
Blockley Cafe - Tea Lab.JPG__PID:1ea40b5b-af84-480b-83a2-0ade09b43fc1

Blockley Cafe

Blockley, Cotswolds.
Artisan Café and Restaurant

Jacobs Bakery .jpg__PID:3fe06ba0-b152-4df0-9232-6fd861fb4f85
Jacobs Bakery and Cakes.jpg__PID:6ba0b152-cdf0-4232-afd8-61fb4f854e98

Jacob's Bakery

Brighton, East Sussex.
Bakery & Coffee Shop

Coffee On The Corner - Tea Lab Stockist
Coffee On The Corner .jpg__PID:9b35f6aa-6b00-4f62-ad96-556455652a48

Coffee On The Corner

Chippenham and Bristol.
Coffee Shop

7T - Tea Lab Stockist.JPG__PID:586352bf-3116-4293-b8b5-5ac5abc5105f
7T House - Tea Lab Stockist2.JPG__PID:0581719d-d021-4ba0-8e56-f92d5fcc30f7

7T House

Bahrain, UAE.
Tea Bar

The Priory Hotel - Tea Lab Stockist.jpg__PID:1d5a5a86-3164-4658-bd40-ebcb1306abfb
The Priory Hotel Room - Tea Lab Partner

The Priory

Caerleon, Wales.
Hotel, Restaurant & Bar

The Larder - Tea Lab Stockist
The Larder - lemongrass green iced tea

The Larder

Oakham and Burrough Court.
Coffee Shop

Vita Student

Luxury Student Accomodation   |   22 Sites across the UK and Ireland.

3 featured sites below.

Vita Student Lewisham - Tea Lab Partner.jpg__PID:5a863164-7658-4d40-abcb-1306abfb04ef
Vita Student - Lewisham - Tea Lab Partner.jpg__PID:3fb0baa5-4324-4aae-a4e8-cb427bc0de01

 Vita - Lewisham

Vita Leeds - tea lab stockist
Vita Leeds - tea lab stockist
Vita Leeds - tea lab stockist

Vita - Leeds

Vita Student Manchester - Tea Lab Partner.jpg__PID:994d3fb0-baa5-4324-baae-e4e8cb427bc0
Vita Student Manchester - tea lab stockist

Vita - Manchester

Vestry hall coffee.jpg__PID:42a47880-e6c4-47fc-9e84-3a5acf21ad56
whites earls barton logo.jpg__PID:24676f26-2871-4219-aa5b-b458ac2d4cde
Middle Street Coffee.jpg__PID:b8f475ef-f2b1-4d6a-84c0-874ba80cbfef
Farm and Fort Logo.jpg__PID:0d04980f-3f0d-4e9d-80ef-3e6227cd96f0
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