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Assam Rum Cocktail

with ginger beer

  • Kraken Spiced Rum ( 120ml ) - makes 2 drinks
  • Belvoir Fruit Farms Ginger Beer ( 200ml ) - makes 2 drinks
  • Tea Lab's Organic Assam Black Tea (Single estate Assam Jamguri)
  • Crushed Ice (enough for two glasses)
  • Slice of lime x2
  • Add 3 rounded teaspoons of Assam loose leaf tea to 120ml of Kraken Spiced Rum and leave to infuse for 3 hours.
  • Using a fine tea strainer, strain off the infusion and your rum is ready.
  • Add crushed ice to both empty glasses.
  • Add 100ml of ginger beer to each glass and then gently pour the rum infusion ontop. (This will create an ombre effect when left unstirred)
  • Add a slice of lime to garnish. Mix with a cocktail stirred to combine the drink and enjoy!

Featured Tea:

Organic Single Estate / Black Tea

Our organic Assam is a single origin, full bodied tea, with a malty flavour.

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