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Ceremonial organic Japanese matcha tea


organic matcha / green tea

Our Japanese Ceremonial Matcha is organic

with a delicate, smooth taste.

      Japanese matcha green tea: Caffeine: Medium  1 - 2 bamboo scoops  80°C


     + Antioxidant packed superfood 

     + Boosts metabolism and burns calories

     + Rich in chlorophyll: detoxifies / cleanses

     + Provides vitamin C, zinc and magnesium

     + Energy boost with calming effects


Ingredients: Organic Japanese matcha green tea. Certified Organic *may contain traces of nuts. 

Perfect brew: 1 - 2 bamboo scoops (1/2 - 1 tsp.)

Boost your daily nutrition by adding matcha to: smoothies, lattes, desserts, yoghurts, cocktails, icecream. Go ahead and experiment!


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